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Mike Matheson Jersey

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Dec. 13, 2019) – FOX Sports Florida, the television home of the Florida Panthers, will debut the an all-new “Inside the Panthers LIVE” tomorrow before the start of Florida’s game against the Boston Bruins. Fans can tune in Saturday at 6 p.m. as host Jessica Blaylock brings viewers inside the Panthers efforts to teach the game and make it accessible for every part of South Florida. Former Panther and current Director of Hockey at the Panthers IceDen in Coral Springs Peter Worrell will join Jessica live on set to talk about these programs.

Through the “Learn To Play” program, the Panthers provide low-cost access to training, uniforms and equipment for adults and children. Viewers will hear from Panthers teammates Mike Hoffman and Mike Matheson about why they like to give their time to young hockey players. Girls are included in the “Learn To Play” program, both in co-ed classes and in special girls-only classes. Emily Pfalzer Matheson, a Team USA Olympian and wife of Mike Matheson, is one of many female role models helping to teach the sport to these young ladies.

Floorball is an off-ice version of the sport which uses a small lightweight stick and plastic ball to build fundamentals. The Panthers have implemented Floorball in approximately 250 schools in the tri-county area. “Inside the Panthers LIVE” visits Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs, where students and school administrators share their thoughts on the game and the Panthers’ assistance to grow the sport. The Panthers also provide Floorball clinics at the BB&T Center for local educators. Viewers will get an inside look at how these teachers get hands-on experience to bring the game and $1000 worth of Panthers-donated equipment back to their classrooms.

Additionally, the Panthers have provided a Community Champions Grant to the American Special Hockey Association, which provides access to the sport for disabled youth and adults. Viewers will get a feel for this incredible program that is touching lives in ways more meaningful than wins and losses. A Community Champions Grant was also recently awarded to the Panthers Warriors, an ice hockey team comprised of military veterans. Viewers will hear from participants and their part-time coach, former Panthers defenseman Anders Eriksson, about how important this program is for healing these brave Americans.

Finally, Senior Director of the Florida Panthers Foundation and Community Relations John Colombo and Panthers Youth Hockey Manager Matt Janusz guide viewers through a variety of programs, on and off the ice.

Replay Schedule:

Tue 10/08/19 6:00 PM
Fri 10/11/19 10:30 PM
Sat 10/12/19 6:30 PM
Mon 10/14/19 7:00 PM
Fri 10/18/19 6:00 PM
Sat 10/19/19 7:30 PM
Tue 10/22/19 6:00 PM
Sun 10/27/19 7:00 PM
Sat 11/02/19 6:00 PM
Thu 11/07/19 6:00 PM
Sat 11/09/19 3:00 AM
Sun 11/10/19 4:00 PM
Sun 11/10/19 3:00 AM
Mon 11/11/19 10:00 PM

FOX Sports Florida & FOX Sports Sun are the regional television homes of the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers. The regional sports networks have been fixtures in the homes of sports fans throughout the Sunshine State for over 30 years. Today, the networks combine to produce more than 700 live sporting events and over 300 studio based and original programs year round. FOX Sports Florida and FOX Sports Sun are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve by engaging our audiences and providing award-winning TV and web coverage of Florida’s hometown sports teams. For more information, channel listings and how you can get involved with FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun, visit

Mike Hoffman Jersey

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Même s’il l’a invité à jeter les gants à plusieurs occasions, Mike Hoffman n’a pas convaincu son ancien coéquipier des Sénateurs d’Ottawa Erik Karlsson, dimanche soir, lors du premier duel entre les deux hommes depuis leur départ de la capitale fédérale.

En juin 2018, la femme de Karlsson, Melinda, a demandé à la Cour de l’Ontario une ordonnance de protection contre la fiancée de Hoffman, Monika Caryk, alléguant qu’elle l’aurait harcelée et intimidée sur le web à de nombreuses reprises. Elle avançait même que Caryk avait souhaité la mort de l’enfant qu’elle portait. L’enfant était mort-né en mars.

Hoffman et sa conjointe ont nié ces accusations, mais quelques jours plus tard, le joueur était échangé aux Sharks de San Jose, qui l’envoyaient à leur tour aux Panthers de la Floride. Trois mois plus tard, ce fut au tour de Karlsson d’être refilé à l’équipe de la Californie.

Dimanche, c’était les grandes retrouvailles, lorsque les Sharks étaient de passage en Floride.

«Je pensais à ce duel depuis longtemps», a dit Hoffman au site internet The Athletic après l’affrontement.

«Je lui ai demandé s’il voulait se battre et il ne voulait évidemment pas, a poursuivi l’attaquant. Je lui ai couru après durant ma première présence sur la glace, je n’arrêtais pas de lui demander. Il ne voulait rien savoir. Il n’arrêtait pas de me dire: “Je ne me battrai pas avec toi”.»

S’il n’a pas obtenu la chance de faire parler ses poings, Hoffman a obtenu une mention d’aide dans un gain de 5 à 1 de ses Panthers.

Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey

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When the Florida Panthers signed Sergei Bobrovsky to a seven-year, $70 million contract in July, the hope was that the long-standing goaltending issues in Sunrise would be solved.
Bobrovsky was coming off his best-ever postseason and rebounded after a bad start in Columbus to steer the Blue Jackets to their third straight playoff appearance.

Florida also hoped that Bobrovsky’s notoriously slow starts were something he left behind in Ohio, but with a GAA of 3.53 and an .882 save percentage through 17 games and 16 starts, that hasn’t happened. What, if anything, is wrong with Bobrovsky, and what can be done to fix it?

Colorado Avalanche Continue Community Outreach
on Day Off

Charting Hockey says Sergei Bobrovsky’s goals saved above average is -11.84, by far the worst among starters in the league this year thus far. Hockey Reference is only slightly kinder, saying Bob’s GSAA is -11.76, also worst in the league among qualified netminders.

Even after the NHL adjusted their shot distance data, the numbers for Bobrovsky got no better. He’s not being bombarded with shots, though he is facing a good number of quality chances. But on average, he’s giving nearly a goal more per game than expected goals would suggest, which for a team like the Panthers who only play close games, that is the difference between winning and losing most nights.

“Obviously, I am not happy with the number of goals that have been scored,” said Bobrovsky to the Athletic after the loss to Winnipeg (Note: paywalled). What can I do right now? Every NHL season brings its own challenges and no matter how fresh you feel physically or mentally, there is going to be some adversity you have to overcome.”

Last October, Bobrovsky had an .882 save percentage and a GAA of 3.58, but turned it around in November with a .932 save percentage and a 2.11 GAA. This year, his November numbers are better than October’s, but only slightly.

Is Bobrovsky still getting used to the system around him? Does he trust the defense in front of him? Was there a style or coaching adjustment that can explain what has happened, or has he simply been played a game or two too often?

Likely, the answer falls somewhere in the middle. For all of the improvements that Joel Quenneville has made defensively, the team still has troubles with puck management in their own zone and net-front coverage hasn’t been up to par, leading to those good chances against. Outside of those defensive breakdowns, he’s still given up more than a few clunkers on a consistent basis, even as he has constantly made great saves to mask that.

His teammates and his coaches are publicly backing him, which certainly quells any notion of a goaltending controversy.

“We absolutely do,” Joel Quenneville said. “that is for sure. Players know, everyone goes through stretches where you’re at your best and other times when you’re up against it, regardless of the position. It’s magnified in goal. Just have to find your way through it and collectively, I think we all can help.”

While tightening up defensively and cutting down on mistakes would certainly help Bobrovsky’s numbers improve, perhaps this is the right time for a night or two off. He played 62 games last year, and he’s on track to perhaps go beyond that this year.

Though Sam Montembeault has had his ups and downs, he’s more than shown he’s capable of guiding the team through difficult spots, and a start not on the back end of a back-to-back might be enough to give Bobrovsky a chance to get a needed reset.

“You work hard and sometimes there are ups-and-downs, but you have to keep your focus,” Bobrovsky mentioned. “I have to be myself, keep working. … I have to play my system and trust myself and I will give these guys a chance to win.”

While Bobrovsky’s struggles are not likely to continue to this degree based on evidence from recent seasons, the Panthers cannot achieve what they set out to in a crowded East if they don’t get better play from their $10 million man. Team defense certainly needs to improve, but Bobrovsky has to as well. He knows it and his team knows it.

Willie Mitchell Jersey

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Last week, we tried to identify the top 10 best Canucks jerseys to own.

We took into consideration the logo as well as the player in question for that exercise, and we’ll attempt to do the same thing for the top 10 worst Canucks jerseys to own.

Is this going to be a little harsh? Perhaps. But we couldn’t revel in celebrating joy for too long, it’s just not how we’re wired.

Here are the top 10 worst Canucks jerseys to own.

And we’re very sorry if you’ve got one of these in your closet. Hopefully it stays there.

10. Any nickname jersey

A Jake Virtanen jersey? Sure. Might not look great in a couple years, but right now it’s a fine buy.

A Jeff Cowan jersey? Um, OK. Rare and kind of cool in its own right, as it brings back the improbable hot streak the forward went on in 2007 (and the bras that followed).

But when it comes to “Shotgun Jake” on a sweater, or “Brabarian”, we are completely, 100 percent out.

It’s not funny, or original, just so you know.

9. Loui Eriksson white “Vancouver” orca

It’s hard to imagine now, but there were big expectations for Eriksson in Vancouver. After all, he had just scored 30 goals with the Boston Bruins and had experienced success playing with the Sedin twins on the international circuit.

We know how it played out. Wearing an Eriksson jersey unironically these days is tough. Maybe even impossible.

8. Erik Gudbranson blue “Vancouver” orca

Like Eriksson, this might not have been a terrible gamble at the time.

After all, some defensive stalwarts were able to find a decent amount of popularity in the city. Look at Dan Hamhuis, Willie Mitchell or even Chris Tanev.

But Gudbranson couldn’t find his game in Vancouver and likely goes down as one of the least popular players of the last five years.

7. Your own name

Unless you’re a kid, it’s just not a good look.

6. David Booth blue “Vancouver” orca

The rare jersey that gets even worse after a player retires.

Booth was expected to do big things in Vancouver after some solid averages in Florida.

But it never came to fruition for Booth as a Canuck. And a number of his more recent comments and actions have garnered some (not exactly positive) attention in the aftermath.

5. Keith Ballard white “Vancouver” orca

One of the worst trades in Vancouver Canucks history, it’s best to try and forget Keith Ballard’s time as a Canuck, if possible.

The veteran defenceman was brought to Vancouver as the Canucks loaded up in 2011 to try and become a Stanley Cup contender.

But it was an ill-advised deal that sent a first-round pick, Steve Bernier and Michael Grabner to Florida for Ballard’s services.

The rearguard didn’t deliver—he was a frequent health scratch with the Canucks and was eventually the target of one of the team’s compliance buyouts.

4. Vladimir Krutov black skate

A recurring theme with the list will be “veteran star who comes to Vancouver and doesn’t live up to the grand expectations.”

And despite what you may have heard about a certain bald Lays Potato Chips advocate, Krutov is the best example of that in Canucks history.

The Russian legend came over to North America with fellow countryman Igor Larionov in 1989 to play for a Canucks team desperate for some offensive firepower.

But Krutov battled weight issues during his one season with the team and was general ineffective.

Sadly, Krutov passed away in 2012 at the age of 52.

A less sensitive person would make the joke that if you’re going to get a Krutov jersey, you better make it a XXL.

3. Cody Hodgson stick in rink alternate

Buying a Cody Hodgson jersey in 2010 probably seemed like a great idea.

The team’s number 10 overall pick in 2008 was projected to do big things in the NHL. For years, he was Vancouver’s top prospect and showed decently in his first game action in 2010-11. He also scored 33 points in 63 games with the Canucks the next season.

But things went downhill quickly. He was traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Zach Kassian, and though he started out pretty well with the Sabres, he was out of the NHL at the age of 25.

It’s something of a sad story, and it’s hard to blame Canucks fans for taking the shot on a Hodgson jersey. But it just didn’t work out.

2. Mats Sundin blue “Vancouver” orca

Look, Mats Sundin was fine during his one year with the Vancouver Canucks.

He scores 28 points in 41 regular season games and added eight in as many playoff contests.

But a Canucks Sundin jersey just never seemed right, and still doesn’t. Sundin is a Toronto Maple Leaf, and a Canucks Sundin jersey feels like a waste.

1. Mark Messier white orca

Not much of a surprise here.

If you know anything about Vancouver Canucks history, you know that Mark Messier is without a doubt the most hated player in team lore. Just check the team’s Reddit page.

It doesn’t need to be rehashed, but in case you’re a glutton for punishment:

stole a Stanley Cup from the Canucks while with the New York Rangers
wore a number previously retired for a dead person
took the captaincy from Trevor Linden
was a waste of money on the ice.
If you wear a Messier jersey in Vancouver, don’t expect to be received warmly.

It’s not the worst Canucks jersey in history though. That honour belongs to this beauty.

Stick tap to Sportnet’s Justin Morissette for going down a rather dark rabbit hole.

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Stephen Weiss Jersey

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The game got off to a rough start as both sides were displaying chippy behavior early on. Mike Hoffman and Erik Karlsson both exchanged shoves and words in their first meeting since playing together back in Ottawa.

The Florida Panthers decided to get away from the physical play and instead, play their game by getting on the board first. After Frank Vatrano drew a hooking call, the Panthers immediately cashed in on the first power play of the game as Evgenii Dadonov redirected Keith Yandle’s point shot.

Shortly after, the Panthers doubled their lead after Dadonov and Aleksander Barkov both connected for a goal. Dadonov beautifully fed Barkov with a golden-platter pass, which Barkov just had to tap in to record his tenth of the season, tying Stephen Weiss for most goals in franchise history (145).

Unfortunately, the Panthers’ two-goal lead didn’t last long as the Sharks trimmed their lead on the power play. After Aaron Ekblad took an ill-advised penalty, Kevin Labanc wasted no time putting his side on the board, snapping a shot past Sergei Bobrovsky.

The Cats would continue to press throughout the remainder of the first but were unable to beat Martin Jones, heading into the locker room up by a goal (2-1) after twenty minutes of play.

To start the second, Jones denied Vincent Trocheck on a partial breakaway which caught the Sharks by surprise early on.

Moments later, Evander Kane went after MacKenzie Weegar, following the hit that he took prior to their fight. Kane approached Weegar, exchanged some shoves, and the two went for a little dance which Kane got the better of.

Because of Kane’s excessive behavior during the incident, the Sharks forward received two minutes for instigating, five for fighting, and a ten-minute misconduct, which resulted in a Panthers power play.

Immediately after the man advantage expired, Mike Matheson grabbed his first of the season after firing a shot through Jones’ five-hole to regain the Panthers’ two-goal lead (3-1).

There were a couple of good minutes where the Sharks completely controlled play in the Panthers’ end, as a result of Yandle’s turnover at the blue line. Thankfully, Bobrovsky was sharp and denied every shot that came his way.

Things started to heat up as both teams exchanged high-danger chances at either end of the ice. Barkov and Huberdeau both raced down the ice on a 2-on-1, which resulted in Brent Burns breaking up the play, while Bobrovsky was forced to come up big as the Sharks countered back the other way for a scoring chance of their own.

After forty minutes of play, the Panthers still remained in the lead, this time with a two-goal advantage next to their name.

In the final frame, the Cats were faced to kill off an eighteen-second 5-on-3, which they handled with ease. After Ekblad and Hoffman got out of the box, the Panthers went back to controlling the game.

On a four-minute power play, the Panthers cashed in fairly quickly through Brett Connolly – who pounced on a loose rebound and stuffed the puck home to give the Cats a three-goal cushion.

The Sharks then pulled their goalie with a couple of minutes remaining in an attempt to slice the Panthers’ lead but failed when Vatrano threw a shot from his end towards the empty net, signaling the end of the hockey game. The Panthers would go close the game out in comfortable fashion, 5-1.

In short, the Panthers were nothing shy of solid throughout the evening match, showcasing determination from the very start to win the two points in regulation. Bobrovsky’s 29-save effort certainly helped guide the Cats through easy water, as Florida closed out the weekend with the much-needed four points.

Peter Worrell Jersey

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Fayetteville hockey teams haven’t had a full-time assistant coach since the FireAntz helped form the Southern Professional Hockey League for the 2004-05 season.

That changed — in a big way — Monday when the second-year Marksmen announced the hiring of former NHL enforcer Peter Worrell to be Jesse Kallechy’s assistant coach. Worrell, 6-foot-7 and 230-pounds-plus as a pro player, spent the bulk of five seasons and parts of two others in the NHL. He racked up more than 1,500 minutes in NHL penalty boxes with the Florida Panthers, who drafted him in the seventh round in 1995, and Colorado Avalanche.

“I was trying to cast a wide net,” Worrell said Monday evening. “I sent resumes to teams at a whole different bunch of levels, and this is one of the groups that called me back. After talking to Jesse and seeing what his vision was and how his philosophy is in coaching hockey, I thought we aligned pretty well and I thought this would be a good situation.”

Since 2010, the 40-year-old Worrell has been the head coach of a club hockey team at Florida Atlantic University, and he later added the dual role as varsity coach at North Broward Prep School.

“I put some feelers out there and posted the job on a pretty credible hockey website,” Kallechy said. “I got probably 200-plus applicants, some of whom were really, really good. I got everything from assistant coaches in the NHL to one guy who had never played or coached hockey and was a football coach.

“Peter and I talked for about an hour and a half the first time we talked, and we spoke on and off for a couple of weeks. So it was probably about a month in the making with the interview process and me weeding through the candidates.”

Worrell was a fearsome force in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, racking up 464 penalty minutes in one season for the Hull Olympiques and 495 the following year. Those two seasons came after he had been drafted 166th overall by Florida, and he spent 19 games on the Panthers roster as a rookie in addition to 50 with the New Haven Beast in the Triple-A American Hockey League.

The next season, he played in 62 of the Panthers’ 82 games, followed by four full years in Florida. In 2003-04, he joined the Avalanche, then was forced to sit out the next season due to an NHL lockout. He completed his pro playing career in Charlotte in 2005-06 with the Double-A ECHL Checkers.

During his NHL days, especially in Florida, he was a team’s go-to tough guy — someone who didn’t back down from dropping the gloves against the likes of Bob Probert, Zdeno Chara, Tie Domi and Stu Grimson.

Worrell said he can bring a different perspective to the bench from most players who toil in the Single-A SPHL in their attempt to reach higher levels and more.

“I know where they’re coming from and what they’re trying to aspire to,” Worrell said. “I was by no means that top prospect destined to be in the NHL, I had to work for it. I had to get a lot of lucky breaks, I had to do things the right way, and I was able to persevere. If I can teach guys above and beyond the game about how they can represent themselves, that’s one way I can help out.”

He’ll be a valuable asset to Kallechy, a first-time head coach who was hired in the offseason after helping guide Huntsville to the 2017-18 SPHL crown as a Havoc assistant.

A full-time assistant coach “is something I talked with Chuck about,” Kallechy said of team owner Chuck Norris. “I know the value that an assistant coach can bring, and I know that being a head coach is a lot of work for somebody to do by themselves.

“One thing I’ve learned is that in this job, the right partnership between the head coach and an assistant is pretty fluid. There’ll be issues that’ll come up that we won’t be prepared to deal with, but we’ll try to balance our strengths and weaknesses and help each other as much as possible. I’m excited to see where it goes. With his experience, all of the players and myself would be silly not to take advantage of it.”

Marcus Nilson Jersey

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BOSTON – When Ryan O’Reilly steps on the ice Wednesday night for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, it will be the 108th time this he has done so this season. There’s probably nobody in the world who has played that many games in 2018-19.

Check that. There’s actually probably some eight-year-old kid out there who played 85 games this season for an elite travelling team, then had his insane parents put him on a spring team that played in a bunch of tournaments. That kid might have played more, but that’s a rant for another day.

Actually, O’Reilly is flirting with history when it comes to the volume of games he’s played. Only one player in history has played more. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Marcus Nilson played 69 regular-season games for the Florida Panthers in 2003-04 before being dealt to the Calgary Flames at the trade deadline, where he played 14 regular-season games and another 26 playoff games for a total of 109. Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Valtteri Filppula and Anton Stralman all played 108 for the Tampa Bay Lightning in their run to the Stanley Cup final in 2015.

It’s one thing to play all 82 regular-season games and 26 more in the playoffs. It’s quite another to play them at the elite level in which O’Reilly has this season. He and Patrice Bergeron are finalists for the Selke Trophy and O’Reilly is also a finalist for the Lady Byng. And what makes it even more remarkable is that O’Reilly rarely takes a day off, often skating with the team even for optional practices. And if the Blues are to win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history with a road win Wednesday night, there’s a good chance the O’Reilly Factor is going to loom large.

“Oh yeah, for sure I know this has to be the best game of my life,” O’Reilly said. “But I’m sure everyone in our room feels that as well. That’s what Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final is. It’s everyone bringing everything they have and our best will hopefully beat their best.”

The way O’Reilly works and takes care of himself is an element in all of this. He’s the only player on either of these teams who played all 82 games this season and he missed only one last season. He’s in great shape and he’s very strong mentally. And when he does participate in those optional practices, he’s not just out there for a leisurely skate. He’s there to work on his game, which should come as no surprise to anyone who sees how his attention to detail makes him one of the best two-way centers in the league. It’s also a testament to his love for the game.

“I find when I can go out on the ice and practice certain skills, that builds confidence for myself,” O’Reilly said. “Just knowing I’ve put the work in a certain area, if I’ve been struggling at it, I think that helps me kind of reset and be confident in whatever little skill I’m working on. I like getting out there.”

For O’Reilly, most of those games have been played at an extremely high level, even when the Blues were playing terribly. The one constant in a Blues season that has seen as many downs as ups has been O’Reilly’s play. Even when the Blues were the worst team in the NHL, the view from the outside was that it wasn’t on account of O’Reilly, who was actually playing some of the best hockey of his career.

“He’s been our most consistent player from start to finish,” said Blues center Brayden Schenn. “Even when we were playing terrible at the start, he was still a point a game. He was a star right from the beginning and he’s been doing it all playoffs. He does things at both ends of the ice that help our team win. The more you play with the guy you learn how good he is and we’re glad to have him on our team.”

So now Ryan O’Reilly will have to do it all over again one more time. You’d think that at this point he’d have to coax his 28-year-old body, but that’s not the case at all.

“We have a great medical staff that keeps me together,” O’Reilly said. “It doesn’t feel like that. It feels like there’s one game left and leave everything possible out there.”

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Lukas Krajicek Jersey

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Šestatřicetiletý obránce Lukáš Krajíček má bohaté zkušenosti s NHL, a za Česko si dokonce zahrál pod pěti kruhy. Nyní už nějaký ten pátek dobývá extraligu s třineckými Oceláři. Zkušený zadák v pátečním duelu v Liberci zaokrouhlil počet svých startů v české nejvyšší soutěži na 200. Všechny navíc absolvoval v dresu jediného týmu. „Ani bych o tom nevěděl,“ říkal po utkání kapitán úřadujících šampiónů.


Hokejová kariéra Lukáše Krajíčka bere dech. NHL, reprezentace a nyní už 200. zápas v extralize. „Ani bych o tom nevěděl,“ přiznal zkušený bek, který všechna utkání v nejvyšší soutěži odehrál za Třinec. Významné jubileum by však nejspíše vyměnil za lepší výkon svého celku. „Takové číslo určitě potěší, je to fajn informace, ale mrzí hlavně porážka. Byl to pro nás hořký zápas.“

Zároveň se kapitán mistrů z letošního jara za nic neschovával. „Musím uznat, že Liberec byl celý zápas lepším týmem,“ pokyvoval Krajíček po utkání s Bílými Tygry, které pro Oceláře skončilo neslavnou prohrou 0:5. „Vše k tomu směřovalo. Nehráli jsme dobře.“

Liberec – Oceláři 5:0 KARTA ZÁPASU
Gólový účet dlouho vyrovnaného utkání otevřel sváteční střelec šelem Petr Kolmann. „Měli jsme situaci tři na dva, kterou jsem podporoval. Puk se odrazil za bránu, tak jsem pro něj dojel. Poté se kotouč dostal nahoru, já si najel do brankoviště a snažil se tečovat,“ popisoval úvodní trefu liberecký hráč zápasu.

Definitivní klid však šelmám dodala až závěrečná dvacetiminutovka, v níž šelmy čtyřmi góly definitivně otupily tlak Ocelářů. „Když člověk vede 1:0, tak je to takové ošemetné. Po druhé trefě už to z nás spadlo, více jsme si věřili. Následoval třetí gól a bylo v podstatě rozhodnuto,“ pokračoval Kolmann.

Petr Kolmann: V našem týmu je síla
Vítězná série Severočechů tak vesele trvá dál, což se podle Kolmanna odráží i na atmosféře v týmu. „Předtím jsme prohráli pětkrát za sebou, byli jsme psychicky dole. O to víc si teď vážíme toho, že vítězíme, a budeme tu šňůru chtít co nejvíce natáhnout,“ komentoval desátou výhru v řadě liberecký čahoun.

V Třinci naopak čtvrtá prohra z posledních pěti duelů znamená zdvižený prst. „Hokej je o bojovnosti a pokud tam nebude tento atribut, vyhrávat nebudeme. Každý v extralize chce Třinec porazit a teď je to vidět,“ hledal příčiny posledních krachů Ocelářů Krajíček. „V neděli proti Plzni musí být náš přístup úplně jiný!“

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In Dornbirn wird weiter fleißig der Kader verändert. Nachdem Evan Trupp aus der Verletzungspause zurückkommt, ist dies auch zwingend nötig und hat einige Auswirkungen.

Evan Trupp absolvierte bislang lediglich neun Spiele für die Bulldogs, und damit nicht mal halb so viele wie möglich gewesen wären. Dennoch ist der 32-jährige mit sieben Punkten immer noch Vierter der teaminternen Scorerwertung.

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Auch in der Defense gibt es Veränderungen. Neuzugang Keaton Ellerby debütiert morgen gegen Bozen, dafür wird der befristete Vertrag mit dem Finnen Antti Kauppila nicht verlängert.

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Legendary hockey reporter and analyst Stan Fischler writes a weekly scrapbook for Fischler, known as “The Hockey Maven,” shares his knowledge, humor and insight with readers each Wednesday.

Today, he looks at some of the best goalies in NHL history who are not in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Terry Sawchuk, Glenn Hall, Ken Dryden and Martin Brodeur are among the exceptional goalies in NHL history who have one thing in common: They’re in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

But there are others whose careers include notable accomplishments and achievements but who, for one reason or another, remain on the outside looking in.

Here’s an alphabetical list of my 15 best goalies not in the Hall of Fame:

Tom Barrasso

NHL Seasons: 19 (1983-2000; 2001-03)
Teams: Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1991, 1992); Calder Trophy (1983-84); Vezina Trophy (1983-84); Jennings Trophy (1984-85)
Noteworthy achievement: One of four goalies to win Calder and Vezina trophies in same season – and he did it before his 20th birthday.

Lorne Chabot

NHL seasons: 11 (1926-37)
Teams: New York Rangers, Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Maroons, New York Americans
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1928, 1932); Vezina Trophy (1935)
Noteworthy achievement: His 1.51 career goals-against average in the Stanley Cup Playoffs includes a 1-0, six-overtime win for the Maple Leafs against the Boston Bruins in 1933. It was the longest game in NHL history to that time.

Roger Crozier

NHL seasons: 14 (1963-77)
Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Sabres, Washington Capitals
Accomplishments: Calder Trophy (1964-65), Conn Smythe Trophy (1966)
Noteworthy achievement: First player to win Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP despite playing for losing team.

Ron Hextall

NHL seasons: 13 (1986-99)
Teams: Philadelphia Flyers, Quebec Nordiques, New York Islanders
Accomplishments: Vezina Trophy (1986-87), Conn Smythe Trophy (1987)
Noteworthy achievement: First goalie to score a goal by shooting the puck into the net; he shot the puck the length of the ice into an empty net against the Bruins on Dec. 8, 1987.

Hextall Making History: 12/8/1987
00:59 • December 9th, 2016

Kelly Hrudey

NHL seasons: 15 (1983-98)
Teams: Islanders, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks
Accomplishments: Helped Kings reach Stanley Cup Final for first time (1993)
Noteworthy achievement: Made 73 saves for Islanders to win “Easter Epic,” a 3-2, four-overtime victory against the Washington Capitals in Game 7 of the Patrick Division Semifinals. It’s still the longest Game 7 in NHL history.

Eddie Johnston

NHL seasons: 16
Teams: Boston Bruins, Maple Leafs, Blues, Blackhawks
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1970, 1972)
Noteworthy achievement: Last goalie to play in all of his team’s games; he played in 4,200 minutes in 70 games for the Bruins in 1963-64.

Curtis Joseph

NHL seasons: 19
Teams: Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames
Accomplishments: King Clancy Trophy (2000)
Noteworthy achievement: His 454 wins are sixth all-time and the most of any eligible goalie not in the Hall of Fame. Won at least 50 games for five of the six teams he played for (all except Calgary).

Top 20 Countdown: Moment #17
00:54 • February 2nd, 2017

Nikolai Khabibulin

NHL seasons: 18
Teams: Winnipeg Jets/Coyotes, Tampa Bay Lightning, Blackhawks, Oilers
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (2004)
Noteworthy achievement: Had 16 wins, 1.71 goals-against average and five shutouts in Lightning’s run to Stanley Cup in 2004.

Chris Osgood

NHL seasons: 17 (1993-2011)
Teams: Red Wings, Islanders, Blues
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1997, 1998, 2008); Jennings Trophy (1995-96, 2007-08)
Noteworthy achievement: At age 35, he was 14-4 with a 1.55 goals-against average, .930 save percentage and three shutouts in Detroit’s run to the Stanley Cup in 2008.

Mike Richter

NHL seasons: 14 (1989-2003)
Teams: Rangers
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1994)
Noteworthy achievements: Only goalie since 1940 to win Stanley Cup with Rangers. Also was voted MVP when United States won World Cup of Hockey in 1996.

Mike Richter stops penalty shot
00:30 • November 15th, 2019

John Ross Roach

NHL seasons: 14 (1921-35)
Teams: Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs, Rangers, Red Wings
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1922)
Noteworthy achievements: First goalie in NHL history to be named team captain (1924-25).

Al Rollins

NHL seasons: 9 (1949-57; 1959-60)
Teams: Maple Leafs, Blackhawks, Rangers
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1951); Hart Trophy (1953-54), Vezina Trophy (1950-51)
Noteworthy achievements: Won Hart Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player with last-place Blackhawks despite leading League in losses (47) and goals allowed (212).

Tim Thomas

NHL seasons: 9 (2002-03; 2005-14)
Teams: Bruins, Florida Panthers, Dallas Stars
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (2011), Vezina Trophy (2008-09, 2010-11), Jennings Trophy (2008-09), Conn Smythe Trophy (2011)
Noteworthy achievements: Save percentage of .938 in 2010-11 is the best single-season mark by any goalie who has played more than 40 games in a season since 1955-56, the first season for which information is available. Was 37 when he won Vezina in 2010-11; he’s the oldest winner since the award was changed in 1982 to honor the NHL’s best goalie.

2011 ECF, Gm5: Diving for a save
00:33 • May 23rd, 2011

John Vanbiesbrouck

NHL seasons: 20 (1981-82; 1983-2002)
Teams: Rangers, Panthers, Flyers, Islanders, Devils
Accomplishments: Vezina Trophy (1985-86)
Noteworthy achievements: Youngest goalie in Rangers history to start and win a game. Vanbiesbrouck was 18 when he made 29 saves in a 2-1 win against the Colorado Rockies in Denver on Dec. 5, 1981.

Mike Vernon

NHL seasons: 19 (1982-84; 1985-2002)
Teams: Flames, Red Wings, Sharks, Panthers
Accomplishments: Stanley Cup (1989, 1997); Conn Smythe Trophy (1997); Jennings Trophy (1995-96)
Noteworthy achievements: Had combined record of 32-9 (16-5 with Flames in 1989, 16-4 with Red Wings in 1997) during two Stanley Cup runs. Only visiting goalie to win Cup by defeating Canadiens in deciding game at Montreal Forum (May 25, 1989).

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